Maintenance Update

1. Update on Lady Slipper Tree line gutters. From 144 to 106 Lady Slipper Lane the gutters were cleaned and the downspouts are now freely draining water instead of water runoff over the gutters.  Some of the homes had Hood type gutter guards and some had mesh type gutter guards.  The Hood type gutter guard kept out debris, but the water just ran over it during harder rainfalls.  Some homeowners have elected to remove the gutter guards due to water runoff and requiring more frequent gutter cleaning.  Both of these guard types do not keep out pine needles and other types of debris. They all were nailed down under the shingles and made it more costly to clean the gutters due to how they were fastened.  We are not going to reinstall the gutter guards removed, but instead will use the Raindrop Leaf Protection System.  We will start with the homes who have the most recurring need to have gutters cleaned.

Below is a video link for the Raindrop Gutter Guard and how it works. Also I have attached the 20 year warranty that comes with the product.

2. Mulching has finally started. It was decided to take up the mulch around the Gazebo and let the grass grow to the cement. The beautification committee are looking at planting some trees for shade. Stay tuned for further updates. Also  an idea was discussed to mulch every other year and with the savings we can entertain the idea of getting a weeding service in the mulch beds for the common areas and also on each lot. With hind site being 20/20 a lot of people in the community agreed that the mulch can be raked up and refreshed to look good while the weeds can be removed and controlled before installing new mulch the next year. The beautification committee will be looking into the details and hopefully will have a plan to bring back the service to have weeds removed and controlled accordingly with as little an expense to the community.


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